Association of Communication Engineers-ACE


   Association of Communication Engineers ACE-UCEN aims in development of Electronics and Communication Engineering branch students.The association has conducted a National Conference on "ADVANCES IN COMMUNCATION, COMPUTING AND SIGNAL PROCESSING"(ACCSP'13). It organized a Technical Seminar on "DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING AND ITS APPLICATIONS". The Association organized a two day National Workshop on "HANDS-ON-TRAINING-MATLAB IN INTELLIGENCE SYSTEM DESIGN". A National Level Symposium-NOVIGO 2k13 was also organized.During 2015-2016, One day workshop on 'Network Simulator'(NS-2)was conducted by VIN solutions, An Inter-College Technical Symposium 'TECHVEZA 2015' was conducted with one day workshop on 'Embedded Systems' by Front Line Electronics.A Faculty Training program on 'Work Bench based Laboratory' was conducted by ZEALTECH Electronics India and BIOKIT Electronics.