The Association of Civil Engineering is named as TEKTON'S. Tekton's is a Greek word which means "one who builds" in its classical form. Tekton's, the Civil Engineering Association works as a platform between the department and students. It organizes a wide range of events and activities throughout the year to help students to excel in all the events that will help them in their overall growth and academic performance. It also helps the students to enclose their skills and get acquainted with the modern technologies in the field of Civil Engineering.They organised a National Level Technical Symposium ACCNII FEST'15(A Civil Colloquium on New Innovative Ideas 2015).A National Level Workshop IMPRESS'15(Innovation on Majestical Prestressed-Concrete Structures) was conducted by Mr. N.Sivaraman,Vice-President from Utracon Structural System Pvt.Ltd,Chennai.