S.No Staff Name Fundimg Agency Fund Amount Project Name
1 Dr. K.P. Vinod Kumar AP/Chemistry & Dr.V.A. Nagarajan AP/Mechanical Engg DST Rs.1.39 Crores Phase change materials for deep freezing of sea foods in mechanized trawlers: Sustainable fishing for healthier mankind.
2 Dr. S. Justin Dhanraj AP / Chemistry SERB Rs.23 Lakhs Novel Nano Sized 4-amino antipyrine derivative metal complexes in cancer treatment
3 Dr. C.Mahendiran AP / Chemistry SERB Rs.23 Lakhs Nano Materials for Fuel Cell Application
4 Dr. M.S.Starvin AP / Mechanical DRDO Rs.9.57 Lakhs Contract Stress Analysis Design
5 Dr.S.Lenty Stuwart AP/ECE DST-SERB Rs.27.88 Lakhs Sensor Assisted Catch Monitoring and Level Guidance System for Close Proximity Long-Line and Long-Net Fishing under Strong Ocean Current.
6 Dr.C.Mythili AP/EEE DST-SERB Rs.33,13,516/- Design and Development of a Knee Joint Assistive Apparatus for Elderly and Obese Persons