The Photography Club was formed in the college to encourage the students to use photography as a medium to express their mind. Instead of delivering long and elaborate lectures,for creating awareness in the society,a single photographcan provide us with a wealth of information.The inaugural function of the club was held on 11.10.2013 in University College of Engineering,Nagercoil. Along with the inaugural function,the same way we arranged a spot poster presentation for students and faculty members,to create social awareness through photographs.Mr.P.Venkatesan,photographer ,social entrepreneur was invited as chief guest and also he made a presentation of photography.To promote better photographythrough training,workshops,exhibitions etc...Photography club has organized a number of events for students.

   To have a different atmosphere for the Engineering students by expressing their creativity in photographic skills, photography club was inaugurated in our college on 11/10/2013. With the objective of emplowering the students become young photographers and short film makers, the club conducts Workshops, Exhibitions,Poster Presentation, On Spot events, Short Films etc., students are encouraged to partiipate in the various photography workshop conducted by other organization/ colleges

Cinque Terre



Assistant Professor,
Department of CIVIL,

Cinque Terre